FRINGE TRIM // Episode Two: Festivals Week #1

We’ve survived our first full week of festival mayhem with only minor injuries; Katie got a blister. To celebrate, we sat down and talked about the festival things we’ve loved and the festival things we’ve not loved quite so much. Xandra also dropped some essential wisdom for navigating Edinburgh’s stupidly narrow, stupidly busy streets – e s s e n t i a l. 

Here are some (gasp) **spoilers**:
– Xandra has seen way more shows than Katie
– Deep Time was huge
– Counting Sheep is incredible
– There’s a time and a place for ghosts, and Interiors isn’t that time or place
– Flyering gives us a whole rainbow of emotions
– Becoming an official Friend of the Fringe is good
– We really love Summerhall
– … and we’re excited and/or confused about the Digital Entertainment Festival and the prospect of VR shows (umm?!)

Shows we talk about this week:
– Deep Time
– Only Bones
– The Pianist
– Interiors
– Counting Sheep
– 4D cinema
– Chris Turner: Observational Tragedy

FRINGE TRIM // Episode One: Festival Preview

HIYA. Welcome to the first ever FRINGE TRIM.

Our debut podcast includes:
– 1 x chirpy jingle
– 26 minutes of rambling festival chat
– hot tips on having a chill and cheap Edinburgh festivals experience
– our guide to finding shows you’ll actually be into
– talk about Summerhall, the EIF & other highlights we’re excited about
– an analytic comparison of Xandra’s astute fest planning vs. Katie’s cheerful chaos

If you would like to give us helpful feedback that would be cool. Alternatively, take a seat and watch us grow as festival goers and podcast makers over the next four weeks of emotional festival mayhem. We’re down for whatever.